About Us

AGV Systems p. Ltd. has been established in 2008 AD. The entity is a convergence of 81+ person-years of experience, expertise and excellence that synergizes the complementary power-prowess of the Founder Directors to formulate an entity which has a strong integrity, stronger foundation and a very strong business model.

The entity focuses on offerings to the Defence, the Automation and Process Control Industry and Institutional Instrumentation requirements in the Indian market space. These are ably supplemented by the techno-commercial knowledge-base, industry standing and credibility and vast experience of the Founder Directors.

The entity has strong niche alliances here [in India] and abroad towards fulfilling the targeted and funded challenges of the target clientele, a methodology to indigenize the offerings with the dual-fold goal of having niche offerings at competitive price-tags as well as to enable its alliances a deliver-podium of the ADVANTAGE-INDIA factor. Thereby, the entity fulfills all the expectations of the target prospects as well as the alliances that have vested their confidence and trust in AGV Systems p. Ltd.

In brief, offerings will be in the space of Long-distance Range Finders, specialized cablings and sensors AND the systems around these for Aerospace and Defence applications, niche precision instrumentation with systems integration for precision Laboratory demands, Hi-speed Automation Control equipment and Quality Assurance systems for Metal/Non-metal Industries and Embedded Systems Solutions for the rapidly progressive Automotive and allied industries.

Dedicated to eco-friendly, non-conventional Energy solutions, the entity also focuses on Solar and wind power sources for the utility of the masses, including the internal Defence forces, the agro-economy and the worker-on-the-street.