Profile of the Board of Mentors

Shri Navneet ‘NM’ Shah

Shri N. M. Shah – ‘NM’ to his near and dear ones- is a rock-solid pillar of strength, intelligence, innovation, disruptive thought-processes and inspiration to all. ‘NM’ has been a very illustrious Alumnus of the globally reputed College Of Engineering, Pune [‘COEP’]. A ubiquitous personality, ‘NM’ has the penchant for excellence – whether in academics, industry, business, entrepreneurship, social responsibility, mentoring, innovation. ‘NM’ has the rare distinction of operating an organically grown organization which has been profitable beyond guidelines predicted year on year for the past 45 years. ‘NM’ is credited as one of the original exponents of Appropriate Automation. His highly innovative designs of Liquid Rotor Starters, Vapromatic® Starters, Grid Resistance Regulators for Slip Ring Motors which are rated as high as 8.8 MW and even higher. His unique –and unorthodox- solutions for overcoming limitations of EHT Switchgear systems, including innovative designs for tripling/quadrupling very high current capacity Switchgear systems has always forced him into limelight – something his low-profile modest behavior keeps away from. ‘NM’ has his equipment operating almost ALL the major Cement, Paper, Steel and Allied industries of India, wherever Electro Static Precipitators, ultra high capacity Air-Sluices, Industry Cyclone Equipments, Kiln and Furnace Controls, Crushers and extremely high capacity conveyor systems are an essential part of the infrastructure. This repute has also taken the esoteric equipment he manufactures under his 45+ year ‘Pioneer Electric Works’ to several countries in Asia, Latin America, MEA and Eurasia. ‘NM’ is also advisor and on Board of several industrial entities, and his passion for pedagogy sees him mentoring and lecturing in several premier Institutes and associations. In ‘NM’, the Founders of AGV Systems are fortunate to have an ardent apostle of disruptive construction and the ‘Guru’ of Innovation.

Shri Shashank Pradhan

Shashank is a highly distinguished Electronics Instrumentation Engineer. Shashank has had a long stint with Philips India which he left back a lucrative portfolio to launch SAN Instruments in 1992. Shashank’s penchant for exactness and the constant yearning for the client’s satisfaction is the mainstay driver for all of AGV’s Business Excellence. Shashank has been for 30+ years in Sales and Servicing of precision and complex instrumentation. He is deeply entrenched in niche Indian Industry, focused Sales and Services of T & M Instrumentation and SPMs, extremely organized network in the Industry. Shashank is Founder and Director – Global Sales, HR & Admin and Corporate Sustainability. The Founders are confident that the wide recognition he commands over the Global market in the niche T&M, Institutional Sales and Alliance domains coupled with a very sharp eye for the detail, and dedicated to the cause of Global Warming and eco-friendly product, besides the in-depth knowledge of the domains and business space therein will steer AGV to path-breaking successes. Shashank’s 30+ years of team-building acumen par excellence is the crucial hub of AGV’s march towards exceeding the expectations of the Business Excellence of its Stake-Holders.

Shri Anil Bhalerao

Shri Bhalerao has been a beacon of inspiration, guidance and success for the Indian Industry. After a dedicated career which culminated into a long period as Director [Technical] with the prestigious GARWARE Group of Industries, his deep commitment to the Group has him as Advisor [Technical] post- his superannuation after a full term of career. Shri Bhalerao has had outstanding contributions in Design and manufacture of special purpose machines. He is a renowned specialist and Industry Advisor on Maintenance Engineering, Project Engineering and Quality Assurance. He is also widely recognized for his authority in Production, Marketing, Procurement and techno-commercials. A B.E. [Mech.] and FIE, Shri Bhalerao has had a meritorious performance in Academics, award-winner in numerous exhibitions and highly reputed organizational talent. He is President, Dr. B.R.Ambedkar Vaidhyakiya Prathishthan, a full-fledged Trust which runs Hospitals, Blood-Banks in rural Maharashtra, Office Bearer, Chairman, Course Committee of Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education for Mechanical Engineering, past President Aurangabad Management Association, Vice President, Garware Community Centre, Trust for Community Development, and Member, Governing Body, Government Polytechnic, Aurangabad.

The Founders of AGV Systems p. Ltd. are grateful to Shri Bhalerao for his consent. The Founders eagerly looks forward to Shri Bhalerao’s vast experience, knowledge and profound understanding of the Indian Industry, wherein he has had a significant role in the built-up of repute and distinction.