Industrial and Consumer Electronics


The Daksha© (access monitoring and control system) is designed from a security perspective. It is a GPRS/GSM enabled device, connected wirelessly to the central control server system for activity/event tracking. When a trigger event occurs (door open/close) the image from the camera system is sent via the GPRS for storage on the server. The access control data is obtained from the server via the GPRS connectivity.

KrishoDyne - RF Dryer

RF Drying is a novel technique to dry non metallic industrial products with the help of Radio Frequency. This dryer imparts high power RF energy on the product. This action heats the substance at the molecular level throughout the bulk of the material. As a result fast and uniform heating is achieved and the end product retains its original flavor, aroma and colour.

This product is designed for agro, pharma and textile industry.

Impedance Dryer

Agv systems p. ltd has developed introduced an Impedance Heater system for ‘Helical Vibratory Elevator’. These elevators are frequently used in food and pharmaceutical industries for the transportation of the material. These processes often involve controlled heating of the product. The system developed by agv offers the functionality of controlled Heating and Transportation. We also offer customized products for various processes.


VibroDyne-32 is a specialized solution for controlling electromagnet based vibratory feeders in the material processing and packaging industry. It has been designed around a 32 bit controller to offer a hoard of features currently unseen in the Indian market like:

  • Controllable feed rate from 0 to 100%
  • Nonvolatile memory for remembering previous settings
  • Programmable ramp up and ramp down possibility
  • Can communicate with PLCs and other automation systems
  • Can be remote operated with optional GSM-GPRS modem

Trachyon - GPS tracking solutions

The solutions offered in this category are Handheld GPS tracking units and Rugged Vehicle Mount units with a capability of GPS based tracking and vital signal monitoring.

All the designs are based on high speed ARM-7 core controllers with multiple peripherals. agv’s vehicle tracking and monitoring solutions are designed to cover a wide range of applications in both industrial and commercial domains.

One of the most unique feature of our tracking solutions is an user friendly and easily customizable web-based GIS developed for easy tracking and monitoring.