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All the information, data and projections contained in this report are proprietary to and copyrighted by AGV Systems p. Ltd. No art of the document may be reproduced or published, orally or in written form, or distributed in original or reproduced form to anyone outside of the targeted organization without the prior consent/permission of AGV Systems p. Ltd.

Market Forecasts, Estimations and Projections

AGV Systems p. Ltd. has provided the five year [or ten years] forecasts in its sincere attempt to table the short, mid and long term trends in the market-place(s) that it addresses or proposes to address, as of today. However, the outlook of any market-place(s) can change dramatically due to rapidly changing technology, global economic conditions or situations arisen out of force majeure or interventive conditions imposed by the business model(s) prevailing at that point of time. AGV Systems p. Ltd. does not recommend the target reader use the same beyond two years for the readerís evaluation or perusal.


The logo and format pertaining to AGV Systems p. Ltd. are the sole registered proprietary of AGV Systems p. Ltd. However. AGV Systems p. Ltd. sincerely acknowledges that other logos/symbols/icons/graphics which have been included in this documentation either by design or inadvertently are the trade-marks, proprietary and/or ownership of the respective entities, Organizations and Institutions in whose context these are included in the document

Corporate Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility

AGV Systems p. Ltd. sincerely acknowledges the inevitable influence of Corporate Sustainability, recognizes that diversity in the workplace positively impacts business & shall ensure equal employment opportunities and provide training to develop the socially disadvantaged. AGV Systems p. Ltd. strives to contribute proactively towards Affirmative Actions, Eco-friendly Green drive, re-cyclicality in design, Development and Production, Minimal Impact on Global Warming, e-Waste and Maximum Utility of Non-traditional Sources of Energy.